A Welcoming Social Media Presence

When a guest walks into your home, or when a customer walks into your business for the first time, you will want them to feel at home, to feel comfortable, and to stay awhile. This may include adding features such as couches, some drinks, and maybe a plant or two. These days, because it’s 2019 and lots of us live online, our social media persona and online presence now serve as our new foyer. A good online presence makes one feel comfortable and included; this is what builds good customer relationships!

As social media platforms grow, we adapt and learn how to communicate through these new and simple mediums. In today’s world, social media is a must. It allows us to connect with loved ones and like-minded individuals; it helps us to come together, share, create, and learn. Social media is interesting because it serves as both a personal and private way to create and share and is an incredible way for businesses to form connections with their clientele. When one wants to learn about a business or product, the first place they go is online. There, they’ll seek out more information. When entering a business’s website or social media page, one immediately feels included.

When an individual feels a connection or positive feeling from a business, they are more likely to spend their time and money on this place. Having a good online presence is so incredibly important today because it gives a sense of community that is much more impactful than just face-to-face interaction. This is because it is always accessible. It instills a value of trust and communication that people crave. People want to spend money and time on value, and when you connect with them online, they receive that service.

At the end of the day, people will spend money where they feel comfortable. It is your job to optimize the potential of social media so that your customers always feel at home and as if they’re walking into their very own foyer.

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