Building Relationships with a Pair of Sunglasses

To the average person this is just a picture of a pair of sunglasses. To me they represent the memory of a great day spent with my daughters. A  few years ago when both of my daughters were at home and neither had their driver’s license. I was their lifeline to the world. Now at 17 years old and almost 20 years old they have their own lives with their own schedules. We were shopping for back to school supplies and I had forgotten my regular sunglasses at home. We ran into a dollar store to browse around and I found these sunglasses for just $5. What a bargain shopper! When we made our purchases I found out they were on sale for only $2. Over the years they have turned into my favorite pair of sunglasses. First and foremost because they have such a fond memory attached to them and secondly because they are actually one of the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. At this point I hope I have not lost you.

As I run social media marketing for multiple clients on multiple channels I realize that people recognize the people, places and things regarding a business. People get the same “warm fuzzy” feeling as I do when I see these sunglasses sitting on the edge of my desk as they do seeing the picture of a friendly business owner or a familiar store front. Sure people are interested in sales, promotions and such however in my opinion nothing builds a relationship faster that a “warm fuzzy” feeling they get about your business’ products or services. How does one of your clients or prospective clients feel when they see a social media post, email from you or your name on their caller ID? Do they get that “warm fuzzy” feeling?

Be sure that you are consistent, recognizable and genuine via social media. one of my favorite quotes and it is so true “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” — Theodore Roosevelt. You might be the best at what you do or have the best products to offer. It is going to be much easier to get the word out by building genuine relationships and letting people know you care. Leave your potential customers with that “warm fuzzy” feeling…

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