Give and You Shall Receive…the Social Media Version!

You may agree or disagree with the following as it is just my opinion after being in the social media business for the last 5 plus years. 

Social media is more about building relationships then selling. 

It is often at times difficult for business owners to look beyond the “bottom line” (Including myself) BNI’s (Business Network International) philosophy is “Givers Gain” – members are expected to focus on giving referrals to other members to build relationships and receive referrals in return.

And a quote from Gary Vaynerchuck “Part of why you love you parents is because they loved you first, brands need to do that…” People are selfish by nature, it is a survival instinct that each of us are born with and must learn to fight. 

Social Media Must Provide Information, Education, Inspiration And Some Fun…

If you use social media for the sole purpose of self promotion you are “missing the boat”,  as a general rule I use the 80%/20% ratio – 20% self promotion and 80% information, education, entertainment, inspiration and fun.

I explain it to my prospective customer in this way,

If you woke up every morning and self promoted on your own personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, Guess what? After a few days of this your friends and follower list might start declining. 

The same goes for your business LIKES and FOLLOWERS,

You Must Add Value And Give Them Something Back for the time they have invested with you by visiting your site.

Social media is an entirely different “animal” than any other type of marketing. It allows you to step outside the box of traditional marketing and be fun, be interactive and it allows the general public to have input via posting and private messages.

The positive or negative impact that your fan and/or followers have is huge. 

If your neighbor has a negative experience with a local restaurant that is not rectified and your see it posted on their social media it would impact whether or not you went to patronize that restaurant. 

Likewise if you see on social media that someone you know and trust has had a very positive business experience then you are more likely to patronize that business.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to give value to your prospects and customers first and you can expect much more in return.

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