How is Social Media Different in 2019?

As the decade begins to wind down, your company’s social media has become an intentional and strategic part of your brand marketing. Social media presence is no longer a luxury or a fluffy after-thought—it’s a line item in your budget. A professional, consistent social media strategy is key to engaging your customers and building your brand.

It’s not enough to post a blog article on your company’s Facebook page in January and forget about it for nine months. Timely and relevant content is critical to engage your audience, keep them coming back and get them sharing your brand. Your social media visitors expect to be entertained with fresh, pertinent perspectives. They expect your expert advice and educational articles.

Two dynamic social media tools to consider are Facebook ads and boosted posts. Brand strategy will typically dictate which product is used—but for rich coverage, consider utilizing a combination of both. Facebook ads offer more options in fancy formatting, analytics, and targeting, even providing lead tracking and call to action. These ads give an immediate impact and/or cause a short term action. On the other hand, boosted posts are very much like a standard Facebook post that reaches a broader, wider audience. For an added fee, audience engagement can be increased (more likes, shares, and comments) and long-term social media presence is created for your brand.

Social media options can be overwhelming, the maintenance daunting. Start the year off right by letting Stoney Creek Social Media create and manage your social media plan, while you focus on your business. With customized and proven strategies, we take the stress out of your social!

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