We All Have The Power To Positively Influence The World

I have been putting off writing a this blog post because I just didn’t know if what I had to say was that important. Boy was I wrong…hahahaha! I recently had a reason to reflect on the last few years of my life. I realized that each and every person I’ve met, come in contact with or bumped into via social media taught me something very important. There is only one person in the world with all that knowledge and that is me. Each of us are a compilation of the people, places and choices we’ve made along the way.

I’d like to start with why I do what I do each day. I love life, I love my job and being around people brings out my happiness and me theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments – don’t we all. This world is filled with so much negativity and unhappy folks. Let’s share positive news and lift each other us. We all have the same basic needs, desires and dreams. What makes you tick? Want to know what makes me tick? Visit my Instagram account www.Instagram.com/dawnswick I am passionate about my faith, family, friends, animals, social media and of course coffee!

I have been in social media marketing for over 6 years and my path has been filled with ups and downs. You have to be passionate about your business and the businesses you represent. Let me share a testimonial with you – “Easy to work with. Dawn takes the time to understand what you want out of your social media. She treats your company like her own. Thank you.” That is what feeds my passion for my job. Most of the time my clients become good friends…almost like family. This is a recent comment on a post I made on a client’s Facebook page “Mary: I like your postings…..” I responded as my client’s page: “Thanks Mary! We hope to inspire people!” This was her response “Mary – I think you do……just what the world needs these days!” Winning!

To sum it up – I am saying that whatever you do – do is with passion, care about other people and spread positive vibes wherever you go! One of my favorite quotes “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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