Social Media Is the Game, Here’s How to Be the Player

In this digital age we’re living in, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of social media. There are hundreds of thousands of accounts, pages and posts! Sometimes it’s overwhelming and it’s easy to feel insignificant, but it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the best parts of having followers is user engagement. It’s one thing to create a post, or gain some followers, but what are you doing to keep them while making them feel important?

Having a social media presence is the perfect start to get traffic to your website and gain new customers. However, in order for your business to keep growing, you have to be consistent while adapting as platforms change. It is essential that when you get interactions on posts, that you engage with your audience to let them know of their importance and value to your business.

It is a constant job to keep up with the demand of an online presence. Furthermore, it is essential to note that social media will not solve all of your problems. Simply creating a page won’t do the trick, it’s the connection you make after the post that truly makes the difference. It’s the work and effort that comes “post-post” so to speak that will keep things in check!

Here are some helpful tips to keep up with your clients after you’ve made your first impression:

  1. First, and easy, engage! Respond to comments and messages in a personal and polite fashion! Everyone wants to feel important, included and a part of a community.
  2. Check-in! Make sure your client is still comfortable. If there’s anything you can do better or help with, show them that you truly care deeply about their business.
  3. Include them! People love to give their opinions, don’t be afraid to ask for them and welcome them with open arms and an open mind!
  4. Optimize site features. When a site or app you use comes out with a new feature, such as stories, use them! These sites boost posts that are utilizing these features.
  5. Offer rewards and incentives for clients who stay longer. Loyalty is beyond valuable and should be rewarded.
  6. Make sure your followers and clients feel appreciated! Always say thank you and let them know you’re grateful.

Traffic on your page is a great thing, but keeping people involved and engaging with them as a community is what will make them customers for life. Need help? We are here for YOU!

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