Social Media Likes & Following Shouldn’t Be Bought

One of my clients recently forwarded an email that she received regarding her social media accounts:

Hi there!

I’m emailing you on behalf of, a new and radical way to attract new customers and generate online buzz for your small business! We’re emailing you because we’ve noticed your company isn’t taking the right approach that would allow you to reach your full potential online. If you were to look at the websites of the most successful and prominent leaders in your industry, without a doubt you will see they promote themselves through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube help them attract new customers and pull in new sales. But just signing up for one of these social media platforms isn’t enough. Unfortunately, the phrase “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to the online world. So how exactly do you attract new customers to your business online?

Your answer lies in a trade secret we like to call “the secret formula.” It involves supplementing your social media account with high quality followers and likes that will by nature promote your business in the online world. And now, with our Superbowl Sale, we would like to exclusively offer your business a 40% discount on the supplementation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram likes and followers!

My client passed this along to me as an FYI, as she is happy with my service. But many fall prey to these get followers fast schemes. Why should you avoid them like the plague?

Buying likes and followers is like buying friends at a discount store, the odds of creating a genuine connection are slim to none. I’ve had some friends almost since birth, while I’ve met others in the last few months. Real friends in the real world are similar to likes and followers in social media. You have to engage with them and add value to their life, make them laugh and inspire them. I am passionate about my family, friends, social media and coffee. If your social media followers feel like they are just a number to you, they will not feel that warm-fuzzy feeling about your business. While we all love to see our likes go up and our following increase, it’s more important to be social and build relationships that convert.

Many business owners try to cut corners and still do the best thing for their business. When business owners are stuck in the balancing act between serving current customers, bringing in new customers and doing all the behind the scenes stuff, it can be quite overwhelming. But, buying likes and followers is not going to further your cause and increase your bottom line. Remember:

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me? ~ Brian Tracy

How do you react when you’re messaged or approached with an opportunity to buy followers? Is it tempting?

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