Social Media Warm Fuzzies

Hearing a song, the scent of cologne or perfume, seeing something written in a loved one’s handwriting … all these and more can trigger that “warm fuzzy” feeling. I am not sure how many of you saw the WestJet Airlines’ Christmas Surprise posting on social media. They received kudos from the marketing industry. According to Mashable, “The more than 150 WestJet employees played the part of Santa’s elves, gathering personalized presents, wrapping them and delivering them to the Calgary airport before the unsuspecting recipients landed. Upon arrival, the travelers received nothing short of a holiday miracle at baggage claim.” Social media has the power to create warm fuzzies for your audience, too.

Urban Dictionary defines warm fuzzies as:  “The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.”

If you have two products or services that are comparable in every way EXCEPT one of them gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, which one are you going to choose? My father loved these maple candies and every time I see the candy in a store I think of him. I was just cleaning out my garage and found the ice skates I wore as a girl. Inside of them is written DAWN LEDBETTER, in my mother’s handwriting. Instantly a flood of memories came back to me.

Social media has the power to create warm fuzzies and tap into emotions. As well as informing visitors about what you do, it is also important to educate them as to why they need your product and service. While doing so it is also important to entertain them, enlighten them and spread some warm fuzzies! Social media has the power to cheer you on a down day, celebrate with you on a great day and help you laugh at the silly side of life. If you are entertained, enlightened and educated by a cleaning service page, the next time someone asks if anyone knows of a good cleaning service the first one that pops in your mind will be the one you remember from social media.

Social media attracts new customers as well as building and maintaining relationships with existing customers. You can create promotions to attract new customers and promotions to reward your loyal customers. If you both prospects and current customers leave your social accounts with the warm fuzzies, you’re on the right track.

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