The 6 Best Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

When contemplating social media marketing strategy, it’s impossible for today’s business owners to overlook Instagram. Launched in 2010, Instagram now has 1 billion users, according to There are many reasons it’s included in the discussion when talking about the best social media platforms for marketing. Here are six big ones:

  1. Lots of users. Of those documented 1 billion users, half of them check out Instagram on a daily basis. That’s a lot of eyes.
  2. Active user base. During that daily activity, those 500 million Instagram users are busy. In 2016, Instagram reported their users shared photos and videos on average 95 million times daily, along with posting 4.2 billion “likes” daily. Your business needs to be in on that.
  3. Grow sales. Research shows that Instagram users are buyers. Over 1/3 buy in the app.
  4. Engagement. Instagram allows you to create an organic, natural relationship and connection with your customers. You can share others’ symbiotic posts. And as followers “like” your brand in their posts or use your hashtag, repost. This is a great marketing angle and a way of letting others know you have satisfied, loyal clients.
  5. It’s visual. Visual content has been proven to be highly desirable to users. Instagram was created to share photos and videos on mobile devices, developing a legitimate following eager to see the next best thing and latest and greatest. Businesses must get on the bandwagon by creating captivating, creative video and still photo content to draw on this audience.
  6. Stories. Instagram Stories were introduced in 2016. Users love these, but businesses can also track the users who have viewed their stories, creating a target list of potential buyers and demonstrable ROI opportunity.

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